What does school life look like at St. John’s?


Education at St. John’s Academy is a Classical education in an Orthodox Christian context. We teach our students to see and to seek the Transcendentals: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

This is achieved through both our curriculum and our school culture.



Students begin and end each day with communal prayer and attend Liturgies on major feast days as a school.

Students have the chance to practice teamwork in putting on an annual play which features our drama, music, art, and language programs allowing all students, K-12, to contribute to the production.



St. John’s dedication to small class sizes allows for the development of caring relationships between instructors and students, as well as bonds students with each other.  Teachers have the opportunity to become intimately involved in life at the Academy across grade levels and subject areas. Similarly, students from Kindergarten through 12th grade develop friendships and mentorships, providing guidance and support to each other on a daily basis.

Other programs which develop leadership and teamwork skills are our House Program, the annual Spelling Bee, and talent show.

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Maintaining a consciously low-tech school environment allows students to focus on building longer attention spans, face-to-face relationships and communication skills. While today’s world provides many opportunities for students to engage with technology, we believe in providing students an environment at school where their brains can develop without distraction.