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Curriculum Overview


Students at Saint John's are educated with a classical curriculum aimed at providing them with the highest standard of learning.

A school’s curriculum is the specific subject matter that is taught, including core content areas such as mathematics, science, language, history, and literature.  While schools vary widely in their approach to education, the list of basic subjects taught often look very similar. Three aspects unique to a Classical curriculum are the attention to the context of subject matter being presented, the number of subjects that are explored, and the depth of understanding that is achieved. Presenting information contextually goes beyond modern thinking and understandings and investigates how these ideas have developed through history. Having students rigorously study a truly comprehensive range of subjects allows them to develop an understanding of STEM, arts, and humanities subjects and encourages them to integrate all of these into a strong, well-rounded understanding of the world and how they can impact it.

The academic program is integrated from year to year, building on developments from previous grade levels and promoting engaged learning, critical thinking and evaluative skills. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, it delivers an academic foundation of extremely high standing, preparing young people for college and university study, work, and enriching lives in the world around them.

The Scope & Sequence table below provides a basic overview of the materials covered at each grade level grouping as part of our curriculum. Click to enlarge.