Tuition & Fees

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An important part of the decision to send your child to a private school is consideration of tuition payment. St. John's Academy offers one of the most affordable private educations in the region, still 30% cheaper than the most affordable comparable school, and well under a third of the cost of other institutions. Particularly given its outstanding academic rating, this amounts to excellent value-for-money. Nonetheless, ensuring that you are able to pay tuition and fees is an important consideration in application. We strive to keep our tuition and fees as affordable as possible, while ensuring that we have the resources to provide students with the highest in Orthodox and academic standards.

Comprehensive Tuition 2019-2020

  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade: $8,050

  • 2nd-5th Grades: $8,315

  • Middle School (6th-8th Grades): $9,250

  • High School (9th-12th Grades): $11,725

These comprehensive figures are inclusive of tuition, books/core supplies, and snacks.

There is a 10% tuition reduction for the second child and 20% for the third and additional child(ren).

A clergy tuition discount of 20% is offered for full-time clergy (those whose full-time income is dependent upon the Church).

Additional Fees & Costs

The one-off application fee of $100 is payable in each student's first year only.

The $300 per child registration fee is due each year.  

Parents must purchase a school uniform and athletic dress for all students.

Per Family Fee

A $2,500 fee is added to each family's account at the beginning of the school year, increasing the amount payable each month.  The Per Family Fee is payable on a per-family (not per-student) basis, meaning that only one such pledge is required of each family, regardless of how many children you have enrolled in the school.

Family Donation

An annual $1,000 donation is required of each family regardless of how many children they have enrolled at the school.  Please contact the administration for full details. 

Payment Schedule, Late Payments, Early Withdrawal

Families have the option to pay the full tuition and fees up-front directly to the school, or to make twelve monthly installments across the school year. Installment payments are required to be made through SmartTuition, an outside company, with the first payment for each school year received in July (payable on the 20th of the preceding month). Please see full details on payment policies and procedures, including late payments and early withdrawal, in our School Handbook section: 2.1 - Tuition & Fees Payment Policies.

Field Trips

During the academic year, teachers incorporate field trips into their curriculum. In some cases there may be a small fee, which is the responsibility of the parents. The teachers leading these field trips will give advanced notice to the involved parents. Read further details in School Handbook > Field Trips.


Students interested in applying for financial aid should contact The Basic Fund, with whom St. John’s has worked in the past.

School-based Tuition Assistance

All families are welcome to apply for tuition assistance from the school. It is necessary for families in such circumstances to undergo a household review by FACTS, an independent agency, which then reports to the school on the overall financial situation and assists St. John's in determining how specific circumstances may be accommodated.  Starting during the 2017-2018 school year, the maximum per family tuition discount is $2500.  An application for this process can be requested from the school office or accessed by following this link:

Families should be aware that no guarantee of financial support or tuition discounts can be promised, and depend on the financial situation of the school as well as the recommendations of the Service.