College-Preparatory Curriculum

St. John’s Academy is an Orthodox, English-speaking, college-preparatory high school in the Western United States, and one of only a few Orthodox high schools in the Americas.

The high school college-preparatory curriculum is based on the classical Trivium and aims to provide students with the intellectual foundation to succeed in higher education. This includes a thorough grounding in the English language, grammar, literature; the study of mathematics and the major sciences; familiarity with classical and modern foreign languages; knowledge of world history; an ability to discuss and defend Orthodox theology and philosophy; and exposure to the arts.

As of 2019, 100% of St. John’s graduates have been accepted to college. The list of college acceptances includes UC Berkeley, UC Davis, San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, University of Oregon, University of Washington, California State University Maritime, St. Mary’s College, St. Katherine’s College, Notre Dame, Oxford, Pepperdine University, College of San Mateo, Westminster College (Utah), as well as the California Jazz Conservatory and the California Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.