Roman Dinner 2010

"CONVIVIUM" - A special day in the life of St. John's Latin / Classics students

Quid ("what?"):

On Thursday, 29th April 2010, St. John's Latin students held their annual Ancient Roman dinner party.
A selection of (surprisingly delicious) Roman-themed foods was prepared by the Latin Students using Ancient-style recipes, and served by the students in full period costume - including Roman class distinctions between educated and servant, which some students took great delight in fully acting out. Musical/dramatic performances we also to hand; and it was not simply the students who took active part: certain guests took up the invitation to arrive in ancient attire, with two even sporting their own laurel-leaf crowns. 

The Ostiarius (door servant) diligently guarded the gates against those not on the guest list (though he did kindly let in the school's Principal, who had forgotten to RSVP), yielding a full hall and a beautifully laid table - complete with painted vases, silver vessels, greenery, and the students' wonderful food. 

The primary purpose of the Convivium evening is educational: allowing students to express to guests their enthusiasm for their studies in Classics, as well as gather for an enjoyable project. It also helps raise funds (through the sale of beverages, donations, etc.) for the student travel fund - at present working to raise money for a class trip to Rome in 2011. The evening is organized by St. John's Latin teacher, Mrs. Brenneis.

This year's evening was marvellous: the students pulled out all the stops, worked together beautifully, and provided a lovely experience for everyone in attendance. Congratulations!