Our student body at St. John's is grouped into three 'Great Houses' - the House of Jerusalem, the House of Alexandria, and the House of Constantinople - which bring together students of all ages and grades for social activities, community work, and supportive friendships.

The 'Great Houses' bear the names of three great centers of early Christian culture: Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Constantinople. Each student, grades K-12, is assigned membership into one of the Houses and remains identified with this House throughout his or her educational career at St. John’s Orthodox Academy.

Throughout the year, the Houses are engaged in a friendly, ongoing rivalry with each other as they compete for points in a competition that records their overall excellence in specific three areas of virtue: academics ('Logos'), behavior ('Sophia'), and a broader category of politeness, courtesy, and community service ('Agape'). Scores are recorded, points calculated, and prizes given to all of the members of the winning House at the end of each trimester.

A special feature of each school year is 'Spirit Week', when the normal St. John's Academy school uniforms are embellished by House colors and designs, and a series of spirit-building activities mark out a week of festivities.

Special feature: Watch a brief video of our House Spirit Week 2010...

At the end of the year, the grand prize is granted to the Great House with the most points earned during the school year. This Grand Prize gives the winning House the privilege to become the keeper of 'The Great Cup of Wisdom': a trophy relayed to the winning team during the commencement ceremony at the end of each school year.  

The Great Houses program serves to enhance fellowship and camaraderie among St. John's students. 
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