St Elizabeth Award

Over the years, the Community Service program at St. John's has always promoted the Christian duty of 'agape', or brotherly love, and has helped to educate our students in the necessity of reaching out to and caring for our neighbors. All our students in grades 6-12 complete 30 hours of community service each year, and awards are granted for students who exceed that amount.

One award in particular is dedicated to outstanding work in community service amongst high school students: the St. Elizabeth Service Award, given annually.

The St. Elizabeth Service Award is inspired by the life of Holy New Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth, who dedicated herself in service to others by caring for the poor, the sick, and the orphaned. It is given to the St. John's high school student who most exemplifies the character and devotion of St. Elizabeth and the ideals of Orthodox Christian love by showing initiative and resourcefulness in helping others in the community. This award is meant to recognize that student who, without neglecting the usual methods of community service and charity fund raising, demonstrates an exceptional degree of commitment and creativity in service to his or her neighbor. The award recipient is recommended annually by St. John's faculty and administration and is approved by the Board. The student's name will be inscribed on the St. Elizabeth Service Award Plaque, and he or she will be granted a $500 scholarship for college or university upon graduation from St. John's Academy.

To get some ideas for service activities that might boost you toward this award, you might visit for some inspirational suggestions or visit to see what community organizations and events in your neighborhood might interest you.

It may be fitting to close this notice with the words of Mother Maria Skobtsova: "The way to God lies through love of people. At the Last Judgment I shall not be asked whether I was successful in my ascetic exercises, nor how many bows and prostrations I made. Instead I shall be asked, Did I feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the prisoners? That is all I shall be asked."


St. John's is happy to announce the recent winners of the St. Elizabeth Award for Community Service:
  • 2013: Mr. Alexander Nowak
  • 2012: Mr. Alexander Nowak
  • 2011: Mr. Alexander Nowak
  • 2010: Mr. Alexander Nowak
  • 2009: Miss Anastasia Triantafillidis