Community Service

Those of you who are students in 6th grade and up will be aware that dedicated Community Service is part of your life at St. John's. This aspect of our school life is unique to us, and something that sets us apart from many school communities: each of us agrees, as part of our being here at St. John's, to dedicate a certain amount of time each school year (each month) to serving our community - something that may technically be a requirement, but which we do willingly, out of love, as we seek to grow into conscientious Christian people serving God's creation.

The minimum requirement for each student (grades 6-12) is 30 hours per school year. This is the equivalent of only 3 hours per month during the 10 months that school runs - not as much as it sounds! Various opportunities to contribute to your 30 hours will be provided by the school (specific service projects, helping with school events, singing on kliros at some divine services, etc.); but the teachers and staff of St. John's hope you will be creative in coming up with ways of serving the community that are unique and special to you. Do you have a desire to visit people in the hospital? To help neighbors with shopping? To look after littler children for families? What opportunities can you discover to be a servant to your community in a helpful, holy, Christian way?

And of course, you are not restricted to just 30 hours! Many of our students do many more each year - and if you complete more than 100 hours of community service, you can qualify for a special award at the end of the school year (see: St Elizabeth Award), which includes your name engraved on a special plaque and a $500.00 scholarship on graduation.

Important: All service work you do, that you wish to have counted toward your 30 hours, needs to be reported to the school office by a special form so it can be recorded. You can get this form from the office, or you can download it from the link in the 'Attachments' section at the bottom of this page.

Check your totals:
The attachment below contains a current record of the Student Service hours for the 2011-2012 school year. Please note that service hours handed in to the office in the past 48 hours may not yet be reflected on the chart below.

You can look your current on the attached record sheet, by using the unique Student identification number assigned to you at the beginning of the school year.

Serve well!
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