Parent Correspondence

Communication with parents is critical to the life of St. John's, and we employ a robust set of means to ensure all our families are kept up-to-date with the most recent news, scheduled events and activities related to the Academy. Our aim is to ensure that accurate and current information is available at all times, in an easily accessible way.

How we keep in touch with parents:

The Academy's web site

The Academy's web site is our 'one stop shop' for materials relating to the life of the school. All our information is consolidated here, and the web site is our primary method of regular communication with families - so please check it regularly! The site contains calendars with forthcoming events; the entirety of our School Handbook; rolling announcements and news; updates on school policies; pastoral messages; etc. In an attempt to reduce the number of e-mails sent out to parents and families (which in the past has been very great), our practice is to convey everything except time-critical or urgent matters via the web site, rather than e-mail. Our calendar (see below) will be kept up to date, the latest version of Handbook materials always available, and news posted in the site in an organized way. This means you as parents can always find information at your fingertips. If you wish to subscribe to portions of the site via RSS or other means, you can receive notifications as you wish; otherwise, your inbox will remain uncluttered and you can visit the web site at any time for current details and news. Please note that it is your responsibility as a parent to visit the web site regularly, to be kept informed of news, announcements, and any changes to activities, etc.

Parents e-mailing list

We operate an e-mailing list for parents of currently-enrolled students, run through the YahooGroups system as found here. Upon enrolment in the school, parents' e-mail addresses will automatically be added to this group list, and you will thereafter receive any e-mail notices the school may send. Messages are only sent to this list by staff of St. John's Academy, and only currently enrolled parents and staff are subscribed.

The school calendar

We operate an on-line calendar for the Academy, found in its own dedicated section of this web site, as well as in miniature form, below. You can visit this calendar at any time on-line, and it is updated routinely as new events, field trips, activities, etc., are added to the program of events at St. Johns. If you wish, you can subscribe to this calendar via Google Calendars by visiting it here. This will allow you to set your own reminders for events, view the calendar in your Google account, Blackberry or iPhone, etc. (XML, iCal, HTML)