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About the Academy's Crest

The crest of the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy contains a number of elements that highlight the ethos and aims of our institution as a school of the Orthodox Church.

Atop the crest is the Cross of Christ, which itself sits atop a dome, symbolizing the Orthodox Church in its traditional architecture. In this way the crest exalts Christ in His Church as the summit of all our work at St. John's Academy. At the center of the crest are three intertwining circles, symbolizing the three persons of the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - at the heart of our confession as Orthodox Christians. There are present, too, the three great ethical aims of our school: Logos (truth, reason), Sophia (wisdom) and Agape (Christlike love). Our life as an Academy is ordered by these three virtues, so that all our students, family and staff may grow in true knowledge, applied with wisdom, to the attainment of an authentic love of God, our brethren, and ourselves.

You can read more about our mission and aims in our School Handbook > Goals Statement.