Spiritual Life

  • Pastoral Messages - Read a selection of recent pastoral messages from the Academy's chaplain and principal, on the liturgical and spiritual events in the current life of the Church and school, and on other matters relating to the pastoral care of our Academy community.

  • About St. John the Wonderworker - Information on the life and legacy of the Academy's patron, St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco.

  • 'A Word to the Youth...' - A text by St. John on the rearing of Orthodox children.

  • About the Academy's Crest - Read about the spiritual principles and virtues for which the Academy strives, embodied in its crest.

  • At the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy, we do not work simply for the academic welfare of our students: our aim is to raise students in the faith, in the whole Orthodox life, combining the highest-quality academic education with support, nurturing and growth in every dimension of living as an Orthodox Christian.

    For this reason, the spiritual life of our students, staff and families is central to our mission and work. All of our students, staff and families attend the Orthodox divine services regularly in the vibrant Orthodox community of the San Francisco Bay Area (which includes over 20 Orthodox parishes of various backgrounds), and this life 'in the services' is integrated into the studies held in the classrooms. Additionally, the Academy fosters its students' spiritual life in numerous ways: through daily lunchtime readings in the lives of the saints; through the ministry of ordained clergy and chaplains associated with the school; through religious education; through prayers before and after each day's study; through special Liturgies served for the children in the Cathedral and crypt; and many other means.

    In all things, our spiritual life at St. John's is fostered by the constant intercession and blessing of our patron, St. John the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco, whose incorrupt relics rest in the Cathedral above our school. Founded in his memory, his presence is clearly felt every day in the Academy and our students develop a special relationship with this most remarkable wonderworker of our days.

    Sep 8, 2011, 11:52 AM