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5. Assignment Books

All students at the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy are given an assignment book, which they are required to use as part of their studies. Not only is this book a useful tool for the student, helping him or her to be sure that necessary homework is completed on time; it is also a critical resource for parents and families, enabling them to see what their children have been assigned and assist them in completing their work at home.

The assignment book is to be brought to school each day. Because its usage is critical to successful life in the school, failure to bring it each day will result in appropriate disciplinary measures.

Recording daily homework assignments

Homework assignments are to be written in student assignment books on a daily basis. Commencing with the third grade, students are expected to write their assignments in the assignment books themselves, and are given assistance by their teachers in doing so. Older students are expected to write assignments in their own words.

The last five minutes of every class session each day is dedicated specifically to entering material into assignment books. Teachers will clearly instruct students of any homework assignment, guide them on what to write (as appropriate), and will then visually check each student's entry in their book to ensure it records the assignment correctly and in a manner that the parents will be able to decipher and understand. If no homework is assigned, students are expected to write 'No Homework' in their assignment book for that class.

Parental review of assignment books

Parents are required to review these books with their children and sign in the appropriate spaces if and when indicated (this is checked weekly, on Monday morning, by the homeroom teacher). This ensures that parents are informed on a day-to-day basis of the expectations for their children, and are able to assist them in completing their assignments, managing their time at home, etc.

In cases of any concern, teachers may also mark notes in the assignment book, for parental review.