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6. Student Requirements

Students of the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy are called to a high manner of life, worthy of their calling as Christians and citizens of God's world. The school expects high standards to be maintained by its students, which on a practical level include the following central points:
  1. Students will arrive on time, in full uniform, and fully prepared with all necessary school supplies (including the homework assignment book) and all lessons, which are to be turned in that day. 
  2. Appearance:
    1. Students will arrive at school in mended, cleaned, and ironed uniforms.
    2. General personal hygiene is part of a well-maintained appearance; this means brushed hair and teeth, regular baths, and use of deodorants as appropriate, etc.
  3. Students will arrive at school with proper attitude and behavior, as outlined in this Handbook.
  4. Any tardiness and absence notes, or medical/dental appointment slips for early dismissal, will be presented immediately on arrival, before the start of school. Written parental excuses will be kept on file in the school office. 
  5. Students will complete all the assignments and do all of their own work.
  6. Regular attendance is required by every student, and excessive absences will affect grades.
  7. Keeping restrooms clean and toilets flushed reflect the students' overall respect for one another.