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8. Student Etiquette

(This section updated 6th September 2011.)

St. John's Academy places special emphasis on proper etiquette, respect and behaviour among all our students and staff, as an essential part of healthy, positive relationships. All our teachers take seriously their responsibility for forming the character of the pupils in our care. This responsibility reaches beyond merely the sphere of academics: both during class and outside of class, all teachers are actively to instill and reinforce a sense of Christian respect and etiquette toward peers and others.

The following are our basic expectations with respect to etiquette in St. John's (please see also our Behavioural Guidelines for school policies on behaviour):
  • General etiquette:
    • At all times on school grounds and at all school events, students will appear in full uniform.
    • Students will address adults formally, and will interact with each other at all times in a properly respectful, loving manner.
    • Students should always greet adults and any visitors with cheerfulness and an eagerness to help.
    • Students will not run in school.
    • Students will quietly and orderly follow their homeroom teacher to and from prayers, and the instructions of any teacher in school. 
  • Classroom étiquette:
    • Students will quietly and promptly stand when any adult enters a classroom, and remain standing until instructed to sit.
    • Students will speak clearly and politely to the teacher, other adults and each other.
    • Students will speak only when called upon and will raise their hand if they wish to speak.
    • Students and teachers will keep classrooms tidy at all times during lessons: students will ensure their materials are either on their desk or directly beneath it.
    • Students will not rise, close their books or make any preparations to depart until dismissed by the teacher (irrespective of any bells); and when dismissed from class, students will orderly and quietly leave the room.
    • Students will clean up after themselves after each period, leaving the classroom clean and tidy.
  • When lining up or moving about the school:
    • Boys will hold doors for girls.
    • Boys will let girls get in line first.
    • Girls will be gracious for the kindness shown them by the boys, and visa versa.
    • Lines must be straight and quiet.
    • In corridors or doorways, students will stand aside and let adults pass first.
    • Students will not block doorways or corridors.
    • Students will not push to get ahead; as Christians, students should show love for their neighbors by letting their friends go first.
  • Lunch room etiquette: 
    • Students will enter the lunchroom quietly at the beginning of the first lunch sitting, with younger students lined up single-file and older students gathered for the blessing.
    • At each lunch sitting, younger students will be served and seated before older students; and girls will be served and seated before boys.
    • Students will eat politely and not get out of their seat during any reading or announcements.
    • Students will calmly and quietly talk together during the meal, and show kindness towards one another.
    • Students will remain in seats until dismissed.
    • Students will orderly clear their places and push in their chairs.
In general: Our students should easily be recognized as such by their neatness, courtesy and politeness both in school and in public. Every teacher and parent has a responsibility to instill this in the hearts and minds of our pupils.