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21. Non-compliance procedure


The objective of this policy is to communicate clearly the Academy's procedures when any board member, staff member, parent or student fails to comply with any official policy in a manner that is deemed injurious to the mission, vision, personnel, community and goals of St. John's. 


  1. The Principal will be responsible for assuring compliance with all St. John's policies and is the designated compliance officer for the Academy. 
  2. The Principal, after conducting a thorough investigation of the non-compliance, will contact the Board and request that the matter be brought to its attention as soon as practically possible. 
  3. The Board will review the finding of the Principal and determine whether the non-compliance matter needs to be referred to the Standing Ad Hoc Discipline Committee for Non-Compliance, or should be handled at the Board level, or should be handled at the Principal level. 
  4. The standing Ad Hoc Discipline Committee for Non-Compliance shall serve for a one-year term, and shall be made up of two Board Members, the Principal, a teacher and an officer for the Parent Association. 
  5. For any matter referred to it, the Discipline Committee will conduct an investigation into the non-compliance and render a recommendation to the Board of St. John's for appropriate action. 
  6. The Board of St. John's will review any recommendation of the Discipline Committee and make a final decision.