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16. Field Trips

Field trips are planned for educational and/or cultural value, and are encouraged as a means to achieve specific objectives. Field trips will be scheduled in advance; however, should an opportunity arise, short notice may be provided for special or unexpected opportunities.

School permission forms must be on file at school for each student prior to the class' departure on a field trip. Handwritten notes by parents will not be accepted. 

Parents driving to and from field trip locations must have a current, valid California driver's license, automobile insurance, and a seat belt to accommodate each student. The law requires car seats when transporting younger children under 40 pounds. A booster seat is required for any child under 60 pounds. Please be sure to provide a car or booster seat for your child on field trip days. The insurance policy number for the insured driver be required by our school office. 

Teachers shall choose field trips based on curriculum needs. The cost per student, per field trip, is paid by the parent and will vary depending on the field trip. 

The parent's role in the field trip activities is one of assisting in supervision and driving. Drivers should adhere to scheduled itinerary, making no special stops with their group. 

For positive representation of our school and to keep our students easily identified in a crowd, uniforms are to be worn on all trips and outings. However, a teacher may consider the special conditions of specific field trips and may recommend waving the uniform requirements.