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12. Uniforms

(This section updated 6th September 2011 for clarity.)

At St. John's, we know that appearance and dress do influence behaviour, and we enthusiastically embrace the tradition of school uniforms as a manner of improving the community atmosphere and learning environment. All students at St. John's wear school uniforms, available at Dennis Uniforms. Uniforms are required for attendance at the school and must be worn each day without fail.

Uniforms for all students

All students must wear black leather shoes (heavy or high boots are not permitted). In grades 6-12, girls should wear black leather low-heeled shoes. Heels may not exceed 2". For boys in all grades, black leather lace-up oxfords or loafers are appropriate. Athletic shoes may be worn for PE only. Hosiery should match shoes and/or uniform. Boys' socks should be black or blue. Girls may wear socks, knee-highs, or tights in white, gray, green, or black, in solid colours only (leggings are not permitted). Girls' skirts should be at the knee or below. 

Because it does get chilly sometimes, students may wear green fleece jackets, which are offered at Dennis Uniforms and which form an optional (but encouraged) part of the school uniform. No other coats or jackets will be allowed in class.

For P.E. classes, all students must wear the Academy's green crewneck or gray hooded sweatshirts with the words "St. John of S.F. Orthodox Academy" printed on them. These are available through the school. Students must also wear T-shirts with our logo, which are also available through the school. In addition, each student must have solid gray sweatpants and or shorts as well as white, black or gray sneakers. Parents should monitor to ensure that the student has the full PE uniform on days PE is held. Failure to be in full PE uniform will result in disciplinary measures. Also, failure to launder parts of the uniform in time for school is not an acceptable reason to be out of uniform. 

All students must come to school neatly combed and dressed, with uniforms pressed. Any student not in the full acceptable uniform will be sent home.

High school uniform extras

All students in high school must wear black blazers. These are special ordered and take up to eight weeks to arrive. Please order these in advance. A patch with the school crest must be purchased from the school and sewn onto the blazer.

Personal appearance

Students are expected to be clean and well-groomed at all times. Make-up, nail polish, and jewelry are inappropriate (only stud earrings are permissible, and only one per ear). Girls may not wear hanging earrings and should have their hair neatly done. No colorful or elaborate bows or ribbons are allowed. Girls' hair should be clean and neat. Small clips or ribbons that match the uniform are allowed. Boys’ hair should be neatly cut and no longer than collar length. Older boys must be clean-shaven. Earrings are not permissible for boys. No student may dye any part of his or her hair. Shirts and blouses must be fully buttoned to the button below the neck. Low neck-line blouses are not permitted.

Any deviation from the dress code mentioned above must be cleared with the school administration, which reserves the right to make individual determinations affecting the dress code policy. 

Note:  Colored or printed shirts may not be worn underneath shirts or blouses. The administration strongly recommends that parents purchase two of every piece of the uniform, just in case one set is not available. All parts of the school uniform should be clearly marked with the student's name and grade. Also, they must always be in good condition. Torn clothes must be neatly mended before being worn again.