Solemn Pledge to Live by Temperance, Chastity, Integrity, and Joy

I, ___________________________ , as a registered student in the high school of St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy, do solemnly pledge to practice the following four virtues as long as my formal studies at the Academy continue:

TEMPERANCE: As the virtue of temperance anchors my soul in all the other virtues, I pledge actively to seek the power and nourishment of abstinence by the consciously following the Church fasts.  I will to adhere to the fasts of the Orthodox Church, inasmuch as I am able, by abstaining from meat and dairy products on Wednesdays, Fridays, and during the ordinary fasts of the Orthodox Church. 

CHASTITY: As the virtue of chastity refines and perfects my soul, I pledge to seek out and to foster only healthy relationships with other people.  I will strive to see in every other person the image of God, rather than the object of my own personal pleasure and use.  Hence, I will not engage in any unchaste sexual activity with other people. 

INTEGRITY: As the virtue of integrity helps to strengthen and unify my soul, I pledge to take and to use only that which is mine by right, whether it be something I have earned or been given to keep. I will refrain from stealing, misusing, vandalizing or otherwise disrespecting property that does not belong to me. My promise to honor the integrity of myself and others includes a promise to try not to lie, gossip, blaspheme, or spread rumors.  I also promise never to steal the intellectual efforts of others through plagiarism.

JOY: As the virtue of joy gives meaning and purpose to my life, I pledge to try to find joy in pure and authentically uplifting sources of pleasure and happiness. Narcotics, alcohol and tobacco products circumvent the true, pure joy to be found in natural pleasures.  I therefore promise, as long as I am a student at St. John's Orthodox Academy, both on campus and off, whether at an official school event or anywhere else, never to indulge in drinking alcoholic beverages, nor smoking nor ingesting any intoxicants, such as tobacco, marijuana or medications not prescribed by a physician, all of which indulgences would only sabotage my natural, healthy desire to enjoy the goodness of God's creation. 

With the help and blessing of my parents  ___________________________________________ , and through the prayers and guidance of my spiritual father, __________________________, along with the supplication of all of the Saints and the Mother of God, I pledge to adhere to the spirit of these four great virtues - TEMPERANCE, CHASTITY, INTEGRITY, and JOY - and to take advantage of the immense spiritual power and nourishment which they provide to my life and soul.  I understand that if any evidence ever arises which indicates to the teachers and/or administration of St. John's Academy that I have broken or transgressed my pledge, that I will be subject to serious disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion from the school.

With firm resolve,

Student's signature ______________________________________________________

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