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7. Behavioral Guidelines

Christian behavior on and off campus

The behavior of the students on and off campus, prior to, during, and after school hours, is a matter relevant to the whole Christian life fostered at the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy. Students are required to conduct themselves in a Christian manner that is appropriate to the situation at hand (see also our expectations of proper etiquette). Failure to behave accordingly will result in disciplinary measures up to expulsion. This includes behavior outside of the school campus. Students in grades nine and above are required to sign the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy Solemn Pledge to Live by the Virtues of Temperance, Chastity, Integrity and Joy, which includes the promise not to partake in alcohol, tobacco, or drugs on or off campus during the entirety of their time as students of St. John's, including all vacation periods.

Behavior in the classroom

In the classroom setting, students will participate fully in all class activities. Rude, disobedient, and disruptive behavior (during class or otherwise) is inappropriate and will result in disciplinary action and notification of parents. Behavior that disrupts the learning progress will not be tolerated. The instructors will establish classroom regulations according to the instructors' discretion and will make these regulations known to the students on the first day of instruction. 

Any changes to the rules of classroom decorum will be given to the students as the need arises. In addition, the following rules will be strictly enforced: 
  1. Students will take their seats promptly and will leave their seats only with the approval of the instructor. 
  2. Students will not speak in class without the permission of the instructor. Students will raise their hand before calling out answers. 
  3. Students will not be permitted to work on other schoolwork during class without the consent of the instructor. 
  4. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their classrooms and are expected to keep their desks, shelves, and lockers clean and orderly. 
  5. Arguing and back-talk will not be tolerated. Any questions or dispute a student may have will be handled in a civilized manner befitting an Orthodox Christian. 
  6. Students will study quietly if a faculty member is out of the classroom. Students will demonstrate the integrity and trustworthiness of being able to be left alone for short periods of time. Failure to continue class work at these times will result in disciplinary actions. 
  7. Students will be prepared for class with all necessary materials for that period of instruction and will do all assigned work. 
  8. Students are required to stand up whenever an adult walks into the classroom and show full respect to all adults at all times. 

Behavior respecting Academy grounds

Any behavior that can be construed to be vandalism will not be tolerated. Any property damaged by such action will be the responsibility of the student's parents. 

Saint John's students are expected to show respect and act responsibly. Students will keep the school grounds clean and will dispose of all litter properly. Food will only be permitted during lunch and during authorized snack times. Eating in classrooms, gum chewing, and littering will result in detention. The lunch area must be kept clean at all times. Clean-up crews will be assigned and all dining areas must be clean following the after-meal prayers. Crewmembers will not be dismissed for noon recess until their duties are complete. Students who break these regulations will be assigned to extra clean-up duties and may be given detention. 

Behavior on field trips and other activities

Field trips, Church services, and off-campus activities are scheduled to enhance the students' academic, spiritual and social development. Inappropriate behavior or disruptive actions will be referred to the Dean of Students. When participating in any school activity, the following guidelines will be observed: 
  1. Students will be respectful and will not disrupt any performance, speech, or activity. Booing, catcalls, etc. will not be allowed. 
  2. Whenever in public, students will conduct themselves in a manner befitting the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy. 
Furthermore, students will refrain from the following actions at all times:
  1. Tasteless jokes or comments 
  2. Foul and/or offensive language
  3. Slander against faculty, staff adults, clergy, and other students
  4. Fighting, arguing
  5. Cheating 
  6. Gossip
These guidelines are intended to aid the students and staff to ensure the well-being, safety and general good of the entire school community. The faculty and staff of the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy reserve the right to amend and to adapt these guidelines according to their good judgment to accommodate extenuating circumstances. 

Plagiarism / cheating policy 

When any student submits work claiming it to be their own but has borrowed the wording, ideas, etc. from any other source without attribution, the student is guilty of plagiarism. Sadly, with the availability on the internet of term papers on all subjects, this issue has now become a concern, which we must address at our school. 

Students who are found guilty of plagiarism or of cheating will be suspended for one day upon the first offense. They will also receive an "F" for the assignment or test. Upon the second offense, the student will be suspended for one week and will receive an "F" in that class for the trimester. The third offense will result in expulsion. 

Phone use / electronic devices

Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices at any time during school hours, nor are they permitted to have them on their persons during the school day. All mobile phones and any other electronics must be handed in to the school office at the start of the day, and collected at its end. If a student is caught with a cell phone or any other electronic device on his/her person, in a locker, etc, the device will be confiscated and returned only to the parent of the student, and the student will be suspended for no less than one day.  If such an offense is repeated, the student may be expelled from the school. 

Should there be an emergency or some need for telephone contact during the school day, students may request to make a telephone call from the school office.

Parents and family should not attempt to contact students via their cell phones during the school day. If contact with a student is required, please contact the school office in order for a message to be passed to a student or (in emergencies) to have them brought to the office telephone.

Playground rules 

  1. Rowdiness, poor sportsmanship, name-calling, pushing, shoving, etc. are not acceptable playground behavior. 
  2. The type of play that could hurt other children or that damages the school equipment should be controlled. Noise levels should be kept to a reasonable level. As a courtesy to Church services and to our neighbors, children should not unnecessarily scream, whistle, or yell. 
  3. Students must ask permission to enter the Church basement, climb into the fenced garden area, or leave the property to retrieve the ball or for any other reason. 
  4. As the playground is an asphalted and cemented area, the following activities are forbidden: 
    1. Cartwheels
    2. Somersaults
    3. Handstands
    4. Hanging upside down from handrails 

Restricted Areas 

  • Playground:
    • Church Basement - only 4th grader or higher should be allowed to retrieve playground equipment 
    • Handrails 
    • Stairways
    • Garden terrace 
  • Big Hall:
    • Stage
    • Back stage
    • Back staircase
    • Stacked tables
    • Utility room
    • Behind stationary and portable bars 
  • Old Hall: 
    • School office
    • Kitchen
    • Stairwells
    • Clergy Washroom
    • Electrical room

A note on the passing on of behavioral records to applicant colleges, etc. (updated 3rd Dec. 2010)

St. John's Academy follows the practice of including records of serious behavioural infractions in the student reports delivered to colleges and universities to whom students and/or parents request that we send transcripts and/or other materials in support of an application for further education.