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1. Goals Statement

The faculty and administration of the Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy understand that we can guide our students along the path of a classical Christian education by looking toward the classical vision of perfection comprised by the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.  In order to attain this vision, we are devoted to striving toward the following goals:

1. Provide an optimal environment in which Orthodox Christians are enabled to learn to love and practice the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
2. Encourage a love for the sacramental and liturgical life of the Orthodox Church throughout the entire school community.
3. Make positive contributions to the communities to which we belong in the city, parish, and family by fostering a love for, and a loyalty to, these communities.
4. Offer a superior and challenging college preparatory course of instruction by which students learn to love learning for a lifetime.
5. Assist students and parents in planning for university and college entrance.
6. Learn to love every person connected to our lives by showing respect toward those in authority, courtesy to our colleagues, and compassion to the young, frail and infirm. 
7. Strive to live our lives in greater harmony with the wisdom of the Holy Orthodox Church and her sacred Tradition.