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Parent education events

Parent education events are organized by the Parents Association in order to contribute to St. John's mission to educate whole families - not simply the children alone. These form part of the mission of the school and commitment by parents / families explained in the School Handbook > Parental Requirements. As is written there:

"An Orthodox education does not involve children alone: it involves the whole family, growing together in knowledge, awareness, faith and piety. As part of this process, ongoing parental education is a key part of the work of St. John's: education in terms of developing skills for responding to childhood growth and maturation, dealing with social issues, effectively guiding children in internet usage, etc. Parents of St. John's students commit time each month to engaging in these types of educational opportunities provided by the school."

The Parents Association coordinates our parental education events, which provide a number of practical as well as theoretical opportunities for development and growth in raising an Orthodox family.

On the developmental side, parent education events include such things as:
  • Guided evenings on internet usage in an Orthodox home, with on-line and electronic resources and guides
  • Instructional sessions on preparing children for confession and the sacraments
  • Guidance on speaking with children about social and societal issues faced in the world around them
  • Educational instruction on discipline in an Orthodox home
  • etc.
On the practical side, events include:
  • Parent-teacher association meetings and planning sessions
  • Dialogues on curriculum development in the Academy
  • Instruction and guidance on assisting children with homework and home study
  • Instruction in how to lead fundraising events and activities for the school
  • etc.

Upcoming parent education events:

We will aim to provide parent education events regularly from the new 2010-11 school year, so parents can benefit from them as well as contribute to the 20 education hours built into the parental responsibilities from the 2010-11 school year (described here).

Our currently scheduled parent education events are:
  • [None scheduled at present: check back soon!]