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Annual Lottery

St. John's annual lottery is a key fundraising activity, organized through the Parents Association. By selling lottery tickets to friends, neighbours, colleagues and others, families are able to raise a significant amount of income for the Academy - critical to its operating budget each year. Given its importance, this is an event in which every family in St. John's takes part - whether or not a family's individual parent service hours have already been met for the year.

Details on the Lottery are provided by the Parents Association as the event draws near; and this organization also coordinates the delivery of tickets to each family and collection of funds from ticket sales.

Please note: Families are not expected to pay for the cost of their allotment of tickets themselves - the idea is that these be sold to neighbours, friends, etc. The quantity of tickets allocated to each family is not excessive, and it requires only a small amount of deliberate effort to find buyers to support the cause (and indeed, several families sell far more than their allotted tickets each year: we can always provide you with more!). However, if a family does not sell the tickets it has been allotted, we do require the balance to be paid by the family, so that the Academy does not suffer a shortfall in its budget. So avoid this situation: sell your tickets as soon as you receive them!

More details in this area are coming soon...