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Fundraising Events: 'How-to'

All parents of St. John's students participate in various school fundraising activities (as part of their parent service hours; details are found in the School Handbook > Parental Requirements). Not only do fundraisers provide an opportunity to raise necessary income to support the life and future of the school, but these events also give parents, families and staff the opportunity to get to know one another at St. John's. 

All details on the procedures and expectations of parents in Academy fundraising events are located in the School Handbook > Parental Requirements; please be sure that you take time to get to know those details well! What are provided on this page are practical tips on the effective carrying out of our fundraising events.

In general, our events are organized to take place in the following way:
  • All events have a leader, who is in charge of looking after practical operations 'on the day' and in preparation. A lead person normally volunteers, but if no volunteers are found for a given event, one will be chosen by the committee of the Parents Association. Don't worry if you've not led an event before and are nervous about 'being in charge' for a day: the Parents Association will provide you with assistance, guidance and support along the way! (And indeed, instruction in leading such events can count towards your hours of ongoing parental education for the Academy.) The responsibility of the lead person is to oversee the distribution of responsibilities for the event, and look after its running on the day - in other words, leaders are not expected to run the events themselves, but to to ensure other parents are in place to share the workload of the day.
  • For some events, all parents from a given grade level or grouping will run the event together (for example, an event put on by the 3rd-5th grade parents). In this case, a lead person is still chosen to look after the event; but instead of being supported by volunteers from the parents as a whole, all parents of children in that group take part in running the event.
  • Every person is asked to contribute in some capacity. For example: if the fundraiser is the baking and selling of piroshki, you may be asked to make a filling in advance, or work the day of the event. If the event is in need of additional people, those who have not worked or completed hours will be called upon to help.
    • If your role in a fundraising event is to contribute supplies / ingredients, make sure you save your receipts so your donation can be recorded and 'converted' into service hours based on the amount of your donation (see details in School Handbook > Parental Requirements)
  • After all events, a thorough cleaning up of the facilities (whether the large hall, Church hall, kitchen or other site) needs to be undertaken and completed before any volunteers leave to go home. Please note that this is doubly important, since the Academy will be charged for professional cleaners if we do not leave the kitchen/halls tidy - defeating the point of fundraising activities! Instructions on how to clean up and leave things in a fit state for their next users will be provided as part of the preparation for the event.
  • After every fundraiser all money raised needs to be turned in to the Parent Association treasurer for accounting. The treasurer will then turn it over to the administration.