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Parents Association

The Parents Association is an auxiliary association of parents of St. John's students which serves as its 'PTA', to bring parents, teachers and administrators together in discussions aimed to ensure the highest standards of Orthodox life, education, academics and spiritual growth amongst our students. Its first aim is to bring parents and families into an active role in the life of the Academy and its work - ensuring their central place in our educational and operational life.

Additionally, the Parents Association engages in organizing school fundraisers, special events and other activities.

Read more about some of the activities of the Parents Association:
  • Parent education events - From the 2010-11 school year, the Parents Association will organize regular parent education events, providing parents and families with ongoing education in raising an Orthodox family, ensuring the academic and spiritual development of their children, addressing social issues, etc.

  • Fundraising events: 'How-to' guidance on playing your part! - Some practical tips and advice on organizing, leading, and working at Parent Association fundraisers.

  • The annual Mother's Day Brunch - One of St. John's key extra-curricular events of the year. Read about the brunch, buy tickets, and see how you can help.

  • Annual Lottery - Another key event in the school's fundraising work is the annual lottery, organized by the Parents Association.