We Made This for You - Chocolate Fun Fundraiser 2013

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Information is now available for this novel, fun, fundraising project created entirely by volunteers at St. John's Academy. 100% of the money will go to the school for the very delicious chocolates that the students will make themselves and sell at sales events. These will be of a very high quality flavor and uniquely artistic chocolates. There has never been a fundraiser quite like this. It is a brand new concept just for St. John's Academy.


There will be many opportunities for the parents to enjoy this activities with their children.

It would be wonderful to have the parents:

1) read the details of the project so they can build understanding and get as excited about this project as some of the students already are.

2) volunteer, as many as possible on Monday Feb 11, for as many or as few hours as they can give, to help with clean up as our students create their chocolate masterpieces for the sale. (Volunteers will also get to see the chocolate training and even do a little tasting!) Please let the school know or contact Mrs. Hohenthal directly at ourano@sbcglobal.net or 650-576-8032.

3) be sure the students have an apron or old, over-sized T-shirt brought in to school on or before Monday Feb 11.

4) volunteer to help take their own students to one or two sales events. More information will be available once the schedule for selling events is determined.


For full transparency about this project, below is the description. The chocolate for manufacturing and the supplies and the training are being donated by the Hohenthals as the sponsoring family. They are recieving nothing in return except for the abundant joy of sharing this learning experience with the students. The Medina family has been instrumental in helping us learn about the growing of cocoa beans and their use in making chocolate.

The Project Plan

St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy

Student-Made, Chocolate Art Fundraiser:

We Made This for You - Chocolate Fun Fundraiser 2013


The purpose of this project is to

1) Raise funds for St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy

2) Raise awareness of St. John’s Academy in various sectors of Orthodoxy regionally and so bring in more students

3) Raise awareness of the need for funds for St. John’s Academy so potential stewards may become regular donors


To do this we will

1) Hand-make fabulously delicious chocolate confections, and beautifully decorated them, lovingly package and describe them in print

2) Present the chocolates for sale at various Orthodox venues.


To make the chocolates, the students will be taught the history, agriculture, technology, artistry and promotion of chocolate. This will involve coordination of various teachers, a programmed project day with volunteer helpers, and several sales events.


Teaching and manufacturing will take place during the project day on Monday Feb 11. The techniques required for manufacturing will be discovered in a series of rotation sessions in the morning of project day. And the items will be made in the subsequent sessions, including packaging and learning about presenting the chocolates for sale. The brochure and labels will be produced by Mrs. Hohenthal with input from existing literature about chocolate and the school. Label copy for the chocolates will be partially created by the students as they write their own “Chocolate Bio”. This becomes a way of recognizing their individual contribution and helping customers to feel connected with the chocolate artists who have made the fabulous confections.


Promotion: There will be several sales events placed on the calendar. For example, we have secured the blessing of Fr. Peter Salmas for the students to have a sales event at Holy Cross Church, Belmont. It will be a table-top display of their chocolates at coffee hour. Key events associated with the school will be the Gala on March 10, Talent Show Spaghetti Feed on Feb 27. Other regional events may include Institute Symposium on Feb 16, and an event at St. Nicholas Church in San Jose.

The students will:

1) Learn techniques

2) Create our personal designs

3) Package the chocolate and finish with label

4) Learn about communicating information to help customers buy, and they will sell

In advance, the sponsors will:

Order the packaging, bring in paper, utensils, cleaning supplies, instructional materials, determine technique tables, plan rotations, train teachers and volunteers in advance and on-the-job, bring an apron/t-shirt, create brochure, receive the bios, set up the labels, print the labels. Bring drop cloths to protect the room. Bring cartons for storage of finished items before sales event, get permission from various churches and meetings to sell and then schedule the sales events.


Monday Jan 28, 2013

Look at cocoa beans, discuss assignments for rotations

Friday Feb 1

Short Bios completed

Monday Feb 4

1) Chocolate making demo with Ecuador cocoa beans and tasting

2) Project Unveiled! Demo by Mrs. Hohenthal and samples

Mon Feb 11th

8:30 Rotations – Learning Chocolate Artistry

Chocolate melting – portable microwave, temperature,

Chocolate Paint – brush techniques, paper characteristics, sponge techniques

Molding chocolate – make test lollipops, cooling station

10:30 Production Time – produce actual chocolate to sell

12:00 Lunch until 12:45

12:45 Packaging and cartoning

1:30 Role play - communicating with our patrons (aka selling or sales psychology). Set up sales teams

2:20 Done

Various date to be determined for Sales Events