Virtue of the Week; Nobility

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This week we focus on nobility, which is the virtue that expresses our
human dignity.  Every man and woman bears God's image; therefore,
every human being is worthy of respect, honor, and - no matter how far
he has fallen from grace - even veneration. Far from making us
satanically proud, our human dignity and nobility should act as the
complement to the virtues of modesty and humility, which we stressed
several weeks ago.  Each one of us, inasmuch as he or she is a
great-grandchild of Adam, is a son or or daughter of God (Luke 3:38).
Were our relationship to God not intimately bound to a true awareness
of our dependence upon Him, this kinship with the Divine might become
a cause for hubris.  But since we all know that even the divine breath
with which we breathe could not be drawn without the Will of our
Father and Creator, our nobility is charged with the humility of one
who stands between eternity and the abyss.   Each day, we walk this
fine, spiritual line leading us - nobly and humbly - to the Kingdom of