This Autumn's "I Know!" contest coming up - Monday 15th November!

posted Nov 11, 2010, 9:32 AM by
Would you like to earn some parent service hours, and have a GREAT time doing it!?

The 'I KNOW!' school knowledge tournament is once again upon us and this year it will be better and more exciting than ever! 

If your child is in the 4th to 8th grade, please bring him or her to school on Monday, 15 November, at 6:30 PM to participate in this fun event, where the students will have a chance to show off their knowledge, earn points for their Great Houses, and spend an enjoyable evening with their teachers and fellow students.

This semester's 'I KNOW!' contest will also be special because it will serve as a fundraiser for St. John's Academy. Parents and teachers will be given the opportunity to win cash by placing wagers in a pool for the winning Houses in the tournament. Seventy-five percent of the pool will go to helping St. John's Academy to continue educating your children, while twenty-five percent of the pool will be awarded to the holders of the winning tickets. Please don't miss this chance to see how smart your 4th to 8th grader is, and to help out St. John's Academy at the same time!

All parents, teachers, and family member are invited to this event, and we do request the families of the 4th to 8th graders who are participating to bring finger food or snacks for the intermission.

All St. John's students attending this event are asked to dress in their most spirited Great House colors as well!

See you there!

Warm Regards,
Seraphim Winslow
Dean of Students