Theme of the Week: Compassion

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Compassion is the theme of this week's contemplation and practice. 
To truly practice compassion, it is first necessary to put yourself in the other person's position.  To do this, we must think of ourselves as seeing the world through the eyes of our neighbor, our friend and, especially, our enemy. Beholding the other with the eyes of compassion, we try to see what life is like from their perspective. We imagine ourselves living their lives, and in doing so, we seek to understand, to empathize and ultimately to forgive the many words and deeds that are said or done by our neighbor which we might otherwise dismiss, resent or condemn. In taking on the burden of exerting effort to understand life the way our neighbor lives it, to a certain degree we bear the burdens of that person.  This is a great mystery. It is one of keys to the door of salvation. Above all, compassion also serves to help us see ourselves and our own sins in a different light. We begin to see the way we act is just as burdensome to others as their way of life often is to us.  "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ."  This is the law of compassion.

May we all have a week that is full of compassion, empathy and a deep appreciation for the trials, sorrows and temptations of those whom God has put into our lives that we might be given an opportunity to see life through another's eyes.


Mr. Winslow, Principal of St. John's Academy