The “Reigning” Mother of God Icon Visits the Cathedral

posted Jul 9, 2009, 3:22 PM by Edward Mansager
The 2007-2008 school year was blessed at the very beginning with a visit by the miraculous “Reigning” or “Derzhavnaya” icon of the Mother of God. This icon left Russia for the first time in history to visit parishes of the Church Abroad in celebration of the reestablishment of communion between the two parts of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Icon was accompanied by a delegation led by Metropolitan Onuphry of Chernovitsk and Bukovino, and Archbishop Evgeniy of Verey, who both visited St. John’s Academy. Metropolitan Onuphry spoke briefly to the students, blessing them and exhorting them to study well, to love God, and to obey their parents and teachers. Students participated in the truly magnificent services, when hundreds of people came to pray in front of the icon. The students of the Academy all venerated the Mother of God and had their picture taken with the Icon. We are all truly grateful to God that He sent the blessing of His pure Mother to our cathedral and school. (see photos in photo section). For more information on the visit of the  “Reigning” Icon see or