Thanksgiving lunch at St. John's!

posted Nov 23, 2011, 9:12 AM by
Students and staff at St. John's Academy kept our time-honoured tradition of holding a Thanksgiving lunch on the final Tuesday before the holiday break.

A wonderful festive meal including two turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, and all the usual trimmings (most importantly pumpkin pie) were provided by our wonderful catering program, and students saw in the meal through the unique traditions that have grown up over the years at the school. The 'duck pond' (our kindergarten and first grade cohort) travelled to the lunch hall from their far-off classroom, arriving in costume and singing 'Over the river and through the woods', to be met in the 'new world' by the pilgrims (the second graders), also in costume.

During the meal, there were musical performances by the students, as well as a High School recitation of 'The Bells' by Edgar Allen Poe.

The meal, like the whole of the day, was festive and joyful. At the teachers and staff of St. John's wish our families a joyous holiday together!