Teachers enter two days of training and development

posted Jun 14, 2010, 3:51 PM by fr.irenei@stjohnsacademysf.org
Today, Monday 14th June 2010, all teachers and staff of St. John's Academy began two days of intensive training and curriculum development, aimed to finalize the process of implementing a revised curriculum and policy changes at the Academy from the new school year.

Topics being addressed in these two days of presentations, workshops and activities include the implementation of a curriculum featuring differentiated education and honours-level strands; varied forms of assessment and course structure; new policies on assessment and marking; new on-line and print tools for teachers and parents; as well as a host of new practices and policies that will come into effect at the Academy in the 2010-2011 school year -- several of which the Principal highlighted to families in his remarks at the school's recent Promotional Ceremonies.

This Monday, the first since classes ended for the current school year, marked a day of constructive planning, preparation and development amongst the tightly-knit teacher community at St. John's, moving ahead already with concrete plans into the next year of the Academy's life.