Talent Show; February 27th at 7pm

posted Feb 15, 2013, 9:07 AM by rthompson@stjohnsacademysf.org
As everyone may already know, our students will be putting on a
talent show this upcoming 27th of February at 7pm. The original
idea was to tie this event together with a Spaghetti Feed for a
small fundraiser for the school. In light of the fact that this
will be a matter of days before our school's Gala, and in the
midst of our We-Made-This-For-You chocolate fundraiser, AND the
Great American Spell Check, we've decided to downgrade our money
making ambitions and make this a simple and pleasant evening for
our students to put on a small performance for each other, for
friends, and for family and teachers. This being said, we would
still like to make a small meal available afterward for
socializing, and we would still like to ask for a suggested
donation of $10 per visitor. Please mark you calendars, and
please consider bringing a plate for a small potluck / desert hour
afterward. If you are able to contribute to our meal, please be so
kind as to drop me a note and let me know what you may be able to
share. Thank you kindly, and I hope you hear from some of you

Edward Mansager
Dean of Students