Students steal the show at the National Latin Exams

posted May 27, 2010, 12:44 PM by
Students from St. John's again participated in the National Latin Exam this year - and did spectacularly well. The National Latin Exam is a competition between students of Latin in the U.S.A. and several other countries.

For the Introductory Level exam, award winners from St. John's included:
  • Anastassia M. (Blue Ribbon and Gold Certificate - the highest award at that level)
  • Rodion B. (Silver Certificate -- the second highest award)
  • Elliott T. (Silver Certificate)
  • Daria M. (Silver Certificate)
Other students taking the Introductory exam were Ekaterina Kiziria, Steven Philipoff, and Alexander Nowak, all of whom scored well. 

At the Latin II, or third-year level: 
  • Anastasia T. earned a Gold Medal (the highest award at that level). This is the second year in a row that she has won a Gold Medal for the NLE.
We are all tremendously proud of our Latin students for their fine showing in this year's competition, and to our Latin teacher, Mrs. Brenneis, for her diligent work in preparing them for the competition.