Student Poets Published

posted Jul 9, 2009, 4:18 PM by Edward Mansager

Creative Communication from Logan UT has announced that 10 students from St. John’s have had their poems accepted for publication in the Spring 2008 poetry anthology. Since 1993 Creative Communication has sponsored writing contests for students across the United States and Canada.

The students and their poems are as follows:

  • Elizabeth Bozhich: “Spring”
  • Anya Jackovich: “Spring”
  • Paulie Jajeh: “Happy”
  • Christian Jajeh: “The Seasons”
  • Yevgraf Jakimowicz: “God is 1, 2, 3″
  • Mia Kalo: “Noise”
  • Anastassia Mushtaev: “My Garden”
  • Steven Philipoff: “Spring”
  • Anastasia Triantafillidis: “The Peacock”
  • Anthony Triantafillidis: “The Dream”

More information about Creative Communication is available at their web site.