St. John's Students Arrive in Rome!

posted Feb 18, 2011, 12:14 PM by
We are happy to announce that our Rome Trip students have arrived in the 'Great City' safely and happily, if a little tired from their travels! Below is a note received at the school office this morning from Mrs. Brenneis, our Classics teacher who is leading the trip.

Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that we are safely in Rome.  The flights went well and we arrived early.  Everyone is tired after little sleep in flight and trotting about here in the city all day.  The hotel is nice and the people are friendly.  

After we checked into our rooms, we went to Saint Peter's Square.  We wanted to go into the Basilica, but the Security line was super long, so we decided to do that early Tuesday morning, when the line will hopefully be shorter.  Instead, we visited the beautiful Basilica of Maria Maggiore and Santa Prassede Church with its Byzantine mosaics.  We had a nice dinner in the neighborhood and are now settling in for some serious sleep.

The Basillica of St Maria Maggiore, which our students
visited yesterday.

Photos and videos, plus further reports from all of us, are soon to come.  We're just tired tonight. 

Everyone else, feel free to forward my messages from Italy to anyone you think would like to read them.  I'll report again tomorrow, most likely.  

Mrs. Brenneis

Some of the ancient mosaics in the church, visited by
our students.