Stanford test results are in - and excellent!

posted Jun 29, 2010, 10:25 AM by
The Stanford Test results are in for the 2010 testing period, and as usual performance by St. John's students has been outstanding!

As a reminder, the Stanford-10 Achievement Tests are a nationally recognized series of examinations, administered to students in 3rd-8th grades, used by educators across the country as a norm-referenced means to offer teachers and parents information on their pupils' achievement. The Stanford tests also provide comparisons based on nationwide results. These tests offer us a great opportunity to assess our students' knowledge and academics skills in reference to the national average, as well as determine the level of success of our teaching and curriculum vis-a-vis each student's performance and national norms.

In every category, St. John's has shone through our students. The test results have also clearly demonstrated what we as a school have always known: that St. John's has particular strengths in educating students to a high standard in mathematics, social studies and other core fields.

Beginning with the 3rd grade, the class as a whole scored on the average on the level of 6th graders. Individually, however, we had students who scored on the level of 9th graders in Work Study Skills, 12th graders in the Social Sciences, and two students who scored Post High School level in two fields!

In the 4th grade, we also had two students who scored Post High School, one who individually averaged an 8th grade level for the complete test, one who averaged a 10th grade level.

The 5th grade averaged an 8th grade level across the board. Many students did very well, four extremely well, scoring Post High School in many subjects, and one did exceptionally well by scoring Post High School in all but one subject. 

The 6th grade did outstandingly, averaging an 11th grade level.  Every student in this class had at least two PHS scores. Their highest scores were in Social Sciences (history) where their class average was PHS.

The 7th grade excelled in Mathematics, as did all students in the school. In this particular grade, all students scored PHS for the Total Mathematics Score. Again, the scores ranged from 2 PHS scores to all PHS for these students.

The 8th grade also saw some surprisingly outstanding Math results. The students in this grade scored in the 91st percentile of the country for Total Math and 95th percentile for Math Procedures (some individuals scoring in the 99th percentile!).

These are extremely impressive results, that would be the envy of any school in the country. 

We congratulate our students once again for their hard work!