Science with Mrs. Solomonoff

posted Oct 2, 2012, 11:49 AM by
During the last week of September, Mrs. Solomonoff took students her seventh grade Science class on two field trips.

On Wednesday, the class visited to the Richmond District Public Library. Where each of the children got a library card and checked out Science project books to assist them on projects for the Science Fair at the Randall Museum. Even thought the children are overly energetic teens, they did their best to keep quiet.

On Friday, the class went to Baker Beach to collect sea water for the "Egg-Speriment" project. It was a typical San Francisco overcast morning, with the Golden Gate Bridge being lost in the fog. The students and it is rumored that even the teacher had fun collecting water while being chased by the waves rolling up the sandy beach. Somehow, they managed to return to the campus safe and dry. They all worked up an appetite  walking to and from the bus stop to the beach.  This outing ended up being a combination of Science class and PE. A little trip that brought an awareness of the beauty and power of nature.

On both occasions the students took public transportation. Which gave the students a chance to support sustainable living and responsible use of the resources given us by God.