Science with Mrs. Casey

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This year Mrs. Casey has returned to our campus as St. John's full time Science teacher. Mrs. Casey must be commended for leading her students in a series of bake sales which have raised money for new microscopes and other needed lab items. Mrs. Casey spent many hours this summer revamping the science room.  

Here is a shot of Mrs. Casey and her 8th grade Science class performing an experiment with density. The lab coats donned by the students were acquired through Mrs. Casey's efforts in attracting material donations. Some of the coats are from the University of Nebraska. The students got a good laugh when they found out that Nebraska's mascot is a 'corn-husker'.

Mrs. Casey is the wife of Kevin Casey who sits on the Board of Directors of St. John's Academy. She is the mother of St. John's graduate Nicholas Casey, class of 2009, and Lila Casey, currently a senior at St. John's. The Casey's have hosted several exchange students over the years including Miss Kotovsky, who, like Lila is a senior this year.