Re-vamped web site launched as school resumes

posted Apr 13, 2010, 12:55 PM by   [ updated Apr 18, 2010, 8:15 PM ]
With our return to classes at the conclusion of Bright Week 2010, St. John's has taken the opportunity to launch its newly re-vamped web site, filled with new information relevant to all our students, families and staff. The new web site is intended to be a practical and useful resource for our families - not simply a 'public face' for visitors / publicity. To this end, we've spent considerable time over the past three months creating new content, updating existing material, and creating a collection of resources that will be helpful on a day-to-day basis.

Part of our intention has been to reduce the number of e-mails sent out to parents and families containing fairly routine school business (for example, reminders of upcoming activities). All such materials will now be centralized on our web site, and we encourage parents to visit the web site regularly to receive all such information. Various portions of the web site can be 'subscribed' to (via Google, RSS/XML, etc.), so that you can receive e-mail or other notifications if you desire -- but you can also simply visit the site regularly for news, calendars and information.

Some key features of the new web site include:
  • A central calendar gives our up-to-date program of academic dates, events, outings, holidays and other Academy-related activities. This calendar is provided in Google Calendar format, which means you can subscribe to it in Google Calendars, or use XML/RSS to subscribe to it on your iPhone, Blackberry, cell phone or other device. The school's program can always be at your fingertips! And because you can set your own preferences for alerts, we will no longer be sending out the large number of reminders as we have in the past - helping prevent clutter in over-full inboxes.
  • An updated News & Events Area provides quick access to the latest news from the Academy. You can subscribe to this area for immediate notification of new additions by e-mail, feed, or other means; and the most recent five news items are also displayed on the front page of the Academy's web site.
  • A new Spiritual Life Area brings together materials relating to the spiritual welfare and development of our school community. This area includes a brief life of our patron, St. John, as well as a text by him on children and young people; and it also contains a new area consolidating pastoral messages relating to school life (which can be subscribed to as well). As we move forward, we will continue to expand this area with additional resources for the spiritual life of our students and families.
  • An updated Photo Albums Area provides neater, more interactive access to the various collections of photographs from the life of the school - with more soon to come!
  • An entirely new section of the web site is called Students & Parents, and gives centralized access to a whole host of useful information for both.
    • In the Parent Information section, you will find:
      • A centralized page for parent/school correspondence.
      • The complete School Handbook, newly revised and organised in a more reader-friendly manner, with up-to-date and current details on all the School's policies, procedures and practices.
      • A new area for the Parents Association, which we are re-aiming toward becoming a vibrant, active community of parents working toward the Orthodox upbringing of their children and fostering the life of the Academy. This area includes information on parent education events; practical 'how-to' guidance on setting up, organizing and leading school events and fundraisers; information on our Mothers' Day Brunch; etc.
      • A school supplies listing, to help you prepare your children for the studies at the start of each school year.
      • A listing of suggested reading for parents and families, which help convey the philosophy of our approach to Orthodox education, and provide useful resources for Orthodox parenting.
    • In the Student Materials section, you will find:
      • Information on the Great Houses program, including special House events and a video clip of our recent Spirit Week 2010.
      • Guidance and ideas for community service work, including lists of potential projects and information on the much-coveted St. Elizabeth Award and scholarship.
These are just the highlights of new materials most relevant to our current students, families and staff. The re-vamped web site also includes new materials on the Academy's academic profile (a curriculum overview, accreditation information, etc.); information and forms on the application process for both home and international students; as well as information on employment opportunities, donations, and complete contact information.

We hope all our families will enjoy the host of new materials on this web site!