Latin Exam Results

posted Apr 30, 2012, 2:15 PM by

Here are the National Latin Exam results:  

Special awards:  
Elizabeth Casey is awarded the "Cum Laude" certificate for excellence on the third-year-level exam.  
Daria Doubnova is awarded the Blue Ribbon for outstanding achievement on the first-year-level exam, for missing only 1 question out of 40.  

Other students who successfully competed in the 2012 National Latin Exam:  
Third-year level:  Alexander Nowak and Steven Philipoff.  
Second-year level:  Anton Preyomyshev.
First-year level:  Nicole Lazarev, Elena Kotovsky, Oleksandra Kondratyeva, Diana Skripnechenko, and Anastasia Stout.

Congratulations to all!