Johns Hopkins University honors St. John's student talent

posted Apr 22, 2010, 9:37 AM by
The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth has honored the scholarly talents of St. John's students with a certificate of recognition, received in the Academy office today, 22nd April 2010. The recognition comes as part of the Center's 'International Mathematics and Verbal Talent Search', based on student performance in SAT and ACT tests given at far younger ages than usual (e.g. in 6th or 7th grades, rather than the usual 11th). Our students' performance in the Stanford tests makes them eligible to participate in the program of advanced SAT examination, the results of which are used by John's Hopkins in their talent search.

Congratulations are due to all our students, and to our teachers - especially in the subjects of Mathematics and English. We are delighted that another outside agency, especially one as prestigious as Johns Hopkins University, has recognized the distinction of our academic program.