"I Know!" contest for 4th-8th grades a great success

posted Nov 16, 2010, 11:22 AM by fr.irenei@stjohnsacademysf.org
Congratulations are due to all and sundry for a wonderful "I know!" contest evening on Monday 15th November. The evening was a great success, and everyone was in tremendously good, joyful, and (certainly among the student participants) energetic spirits.

The "I Know!" contest is an annual event for students in 4th-8th grades at St. John's, allowing them to test their knowledge in a wide variety of subjects in a live on-stage quiz format, with points at stake to the glory of their Great Houses.

Students on stage with Mr. Winslow at the podium as 'Quizmaster' (click for larger versions)

Our thanks are due in particular to our Dean, Mr. Winslow, for putting together the evening and serving as Questionmaster, and -- perhaps most impressively -- for finding a way to set the front page of the Academy's web site to song for the children to sing. Most impressive, indeed!

This is just the kind of event that shows up the good spirit of St. John's, the talents and spirits of our students, and in general the wonderful atmosphere of the place.

Parents support their children in their Great Houses

Congratulations once again!