Field day in the park: a photo report and gallery!

posted May 18, 2010, 8:55 AM by
On Thursday, 13th May 2010, the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, students at St. John's Academy celebrated the feast with a day dedicated to worship and community. Beginning by attending the Divine Liturgy at Holy Virgin Cathedral, the student body quickly changed out of its customary school uniforms and into 'free attire', ready for the short three-block walk to Golden Gate Park. There, for the remainder of the day, the students organized themselves into their Great Houses and set about the school's annual 'Field Day': a morning and afternoon of games, competitions, food and friendship for the whole community.

What had begun as a rather grey morning soon turned into a beautiful sunny day: perfect for spending in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. Once the students had sorted themselves into their Houses of Jerusalem, Alexandria and Constantinople, the games began in earnest: water-balloon toss, egg races, three-legged races, potato-sack races, hula-hoop competitions, pass-the-orange, 'mountain ball' - just about everything imaginable.

A dramatic photo-finish for one round of the
water-balloon toss.

The spirit of the afternoon became even more festive when it was learned that, in a break from tradition, the children had received a blessing to use face paints in the park to promote their House colors. Without hesitation, they came out with abandon.


And a day out in the park would hardly be complete without a good pizza lunch, which was ready at hand.

In all, the day was filled with a spirit of friendly competition, camaraderie and friendship, leaving everyone (students and teachers alike) tired after a full afternoon.