Care Baskets for the Elderly & Infirm

posted Mar 29, 2013, 11:05 AM by

Dear Parents of St. John's,

As our Lenten hymns instruct us, Great Lent is not simply a time of fasting from pleasant food and abstaining from things we would otherwise enjoy, but is rather a season to help us turn away from indulging ourselves so that we may in turn open our hearts to our neighbors. This fast calls us to acts of charity and almsgiving, and to help bring our students more fully into this spirit, some of our teachers are organizing the assembly of fifty Easter baskets that, when completed, will be passed out among our various neighboring organizations that provide aid to the elderly and disabled.

The plan is to collect small containers of jam and honey, tea, and hard candy over the next three weeks, as well as a $10 purchase of St. John's chocolates per family. We have other items being donated from various people and organizations. We will plan to assemble these baskets and pass them out during our three days of school during Holy Week.

As for the collection of donations, we're hoping to spread this out over the next three weeks. Next week (April 1st-5th) we're asking all families to bring in small jars of honey or jam (small to medium in size, please). We will set up a collection box in front of the office, and hope to gather fifty of these items by Friday the 5th of April. The week after, we will collect tea, and the week after that, hard candies. Any time during these next three weeks, we kindly ask if each family would donate a package of St. John's chocolate. 

Our school will be in touch as this project continues. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email.


Edward Mansager

Dean of Students