A thank you letter from St. Michael's School, with information on Celtic Festival

posted May 13, 2011, 11:40 AM by fr.irenei@stjohnsacademysf.org   [ updated May 13, 2011, 11:43 AM ]
Dear Parents of St. John's Academy,

Christ is Risen!

What a blessing your children were to ours this week.

On Thursday the children from St. Michael's Orthodox School in Santa Rosa visited St. John's in order to venerate his relics, to tour the church and to visit another Orthodox school. We first met Fr. Irinei and Fr. Serge, who gave a beautiful tour with lively stories about St.John. Next the children joined your children in classes from grade 2-8. I was impressed by how easily the children included the visitors. From the high schoolers drawing out a shy 7 year old to all the 4th graders laughing and sitting together at lunch, the atmosphere was jovial and welcoming. 

I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job with your children, and to offer them another chance to enjoy each other. Every spring, St. Michael's hosts a Celtic Festival at the school in Santa Rosa; the community loves St. John of San Francisco, St. John of Kronstadt, St. Seraphim, of course - and has a devotion to the saints of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

There will be the Celtic games, fiddling, a tea room, delicious food, country dancing, horse back riding and beautiful crafts to make. Santa Rosa is only 1hr. from the city, but gives a feeling of a day spent far away. I hope you can come so we as parents can meet each other - and so the children can enjoy each other some more. 

Please find attached the pdf with all the day's information.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

In Christ, 
Matushka Elizabeth Cuneo
mother of St. Michael's students Lucy (10) and Emma (7)