A reminder about parents and visitors coming into the school

posted Apr 23, 2010, 9:00 AM by fr.irenei@stjohnsacademysf.org
Please could we take this opportunity to remind parents and family of the policies St. John's has in place for visitors to the school during the day, including visits by parents:

We warmly invite and encourage parents to accompany their children into the school at the start of the school day to drop them off. Between 8.00 and 8.30 a.m. there is no need for parents who are dropping off their children to sign in at the office. The same is true after 2.15 p.m., for parents wishing to come into school to wait for their children and pick them up after classes.

Please be reminded, however, that in accordance with our accredited school practices, no visitors (including parents) are permitted into the classrooms without advance permission by the school office. When dropping off or picking up your children, please wait for them in the school hall - and if for some reason you might need access to a classroom, please visit the office first.

Outside of these hours dedicated to dropping off and picking up children at the start and finish of the school day, all visitors to the school, including parents, need to sign into the visitors log in the school office on their arrival on the premises. Please note that this practice is an important part of our Academy's commitment to our students' safety and the security of our campus. We appreciate the cooperation of all our parents and families in helping us uphold it.

Full details are found in two sections of our School Handbook: Dropping off & Picking up children, and Visitors During the School Day. Please could all families ensure that they are familiar with these policies. Many thanks!