New Student Applications

Applications accepted on a rolling admissions basis

St. John's Academy offers the highest quality K-12 education, employing a demanding classical curriculum to provide graduating students with not merely a high school diploma, but a fully accredited College Preparatory Degree (a degree of a much higher academic level, orientated towards university enrollment and which some universities - such as the University of California system - will accept as already fulfilling freshman-level college requirements). For this reason, as well as to ensure a strong and balanced Orthodox community life, new student applications involve a small number of important steps to determine whether St. John's program is a good match for each individual application - including transcript review, entry-level examinations, interviews, etc.

How to apply:

The process for application to St. John's is straightforward. Please note that separate considerations apply to potential international student applications (read more on this here).
  1. Application form & fee. Complete and return the application form with the $100.00 non-refundable application fee (a downloadable version of the form is found as a PDF file linked at the bottom of this page). The application fee covers necessary admission administration costs only and will not be applied to registration or tuition upon acceptance of the student (for details on tuition and fees, please read Application Process > Tuition and Fees). Please note that we are unable to begin processing any application until this fee has been received in full.
  2. Previous school transcripts. If the candidate is applying for grades 2-12, transcripts from all prior schools are required, and must be submitted either with the application form, or shortly thereafter (further processing of the application / consideration for entry will not be possible until these transcripts are in hand). Please note that under normal circumstances you should arrange for your current school to send these transcripts directly to our school office; otherwise please provide official copies bearing the school seal.
  3. Entry examinations. In order to determine whether new applicants will be a good fit for St. John's academic program, and at what grade level, candidates for admission must be evaluated by written and oral examination, to be scheduled with the school office upon the return of the application documents. The written examinations are normally in English and mathematics, though may include other subjects as is deemed appropriate.
  4. Family interview. An informal family interview will be held at the home of the student upon the passing of the written evaluation. This interview is an opportunity to discuss the Academy's educational philosophy in more detail, explore the child's and family's spiritual life, address our aims on school-family interaction and balance, etc.
  5. Decision. The admission decision is based on personal interview, evaluation results and past achievement, and is usually reported to the family within a few days of the interview.

Financial considerations:

St. John's Academy offers excellent value-for-money given that its tuition rates are among the lowest in the Bay Area. Nonetheless, ensuring that you are able to pay tuition and fees is an important consideration in application. Please look carefully at our Tuitions and Fees Schedule prior to application, to determine whether you are able to meet the costs associated with private schooling. Information is also provided on that page for families whose financial circumstances may be difficult.


Please fill out the appropriate application below.  All applications are completed electronically.  The application fee must be paid before the application will be considered complete.  Applications expire after 120 days.  Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis, but space may be limited, so apply early!

For applicants with two parents/guardians: