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Scholastic Achievements 2006-2007

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth presented a certificate of recognition to St. John’s Academy for our support of students with high academic potential in the 2006 Talen Search: in the Seventh and Eight Grades — Mathematics and Verbal Talent Search.

We are extremely proud of our results from last spring’s Stanford 10 testing. On the average, our students tested at least two grade levels above the norm. Here are some examples of the more outstanding results: A third grader tested at a POST HIGH SCHOOL level in word study skills– and averaged in all other tests at the 6th grade level. Another third grader had 11th grade word study skills, and 9th grade level reading vocabulary and reading comprehension, thereby qualifying to enter the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Search. A fourth grader tested at a post high school level on language expression and tenth grade on language. Another fourth grader tested at the tenth grade level on reading vocabulary. Two fifth graders tested post high school on various tests, one qualifying for the Johns Hopkins program also. The sixth and seventh graders scored post high school, 12th and 11th grade levels on the average.

Alexandra Iwaszewicz, senior, has been recognized by the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program for her exceptional scores on her PSAT. Her achievements were posted in local newspaper, the Sunset Beacon.2005-2006 We congratulate our graduates and honor students Alaythia Calhoun, Danila Possokhov and Valeria Zenkina. Alaythia has been accepted at FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing) in San Francisco; Danila Possokhov has been accepted at multiple universities throughout the United States; he is currently taking flying lessons in Oakland and deciding where he will attend college; Valeria Zenkina, our valedictorian, has been accepted at UC Davis, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University, and USF. She will be attending UC Davis and has received multiple scholarships.