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Scholastic Achievements 2003-2004

Congratulations to all of our Latin students who took the National Latin Exam a month ago. The results have just arrived, and some of our students have received special honors! Six out of the nine Saint
John’s students who took the exam scored above the national average. Three levels of the exam were given.

  • Sergey Krasilovsky received a high score on the second-level exam and is awarded a “Maxima Cum Laude” high honors certificate and a Silver Medal!
  • Ian Tomitch-Pafnutieff, who took a first-level exam, scored the highest of all Saint John’s students. He is awarded an Outstanding Achievement Certificate and a ribbon, which is the highest award at the first level.
  • Nikita Mykhaylin and Anna Vahrameev took the third-level exam, and both received high scores and earned “Magna Cum Laude” honorable mention certificates.
  • Valeria Zenkina took the second-level exam, and for her high score she receives a “Magna Cum Laude” honorable mention certificate.
  • Alexandra Kiyanichenko also took the second-level exam, and scored high enough to earn a “Cum Laude” honorable mention certificate.

This year’s PSATs were taken by all the high school students. Grades 9-10 took it as practice, and Grade 11 took it as a qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship. The following is a sample of some of the scores. Keep in mind that the percentiles shown are compared to all college-bound juniors taking the test in the U.S.! These scores are truly outstanding!:

11th Grade

  • Nikita Mikhaylin: Verbal 96%, Math 97%, Writing Skills 88%
  • Anna Vahrameev: Verbal 85%, Writing Skills 98%

10th Grade
  • Sergey Krasilovsky: Math 87%, Writing Skills 86%

9th Grade
  • Lyubov Kassianik: Math 96%
  • Ian Tomitch-Pafnutieff: Verbal 93%, Writing Skills 96%
11th Grade -Selection Index Percentile
  • Nikita Mikhaylin: 98
  • Anna Vahrameev: 92
Congratulations to Oleg Merzlikin who was awarded a Letter of Commendation from The College Board.