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Scholastic Achievements 2002-2003

We would like to congratulate Oleg Merzlikin and Nikita Mikhaylin for their excellent AP Chemistry scores - they both received 4’s! And also we would like to congratulate Oleg Merzlikin on his exceptional SAT scores - both math and verbal scores were in the top 90’s (percentile). Keep up the good work!
Congratulations to Lyubov Kassianik and her achievement in the California Mathematics League 8th Grade contest. A total of 134 schools participated. Lyuba (with a score of 37 out of 40) ranked second in the San Francisco/Contra Costa region.
Because of our consistently high scores on standardized testing, Johns Hopkins University has been working with a number of our students, accepting them into their Center for Talented Youth.
One of their programs is to allow younger students to take the SAT’s, something that usually is taken in the senior year of high school in order to apply to college. Just recently, 8th grader Lyubov Kassianik took the SAT and scored an 1150 combined. This is a high score even for seniors to get! Johns Hopkins will be holding a State Awards Ceremony where Lyuba will be among those honored. Congratulations to Lyuba and her parents!
This year’s PSATs were taken by all the high school students. Grades 9-10 took it as practice, and Grade 11 took it as a qualifier for the National Merit Scholarship. The following is a sample of some of the scores. Keep in mind that the percentiles shown are compared to all college-bound *juniors* taking the test in the U.S.! These scores are truly outstanding!:

  • Tatyana Ivanova:Verbal 85%, Math 96%, Writing Skills 98%
  • Alexandra Kiyanichenko: Writing Skills 82%
  • Sergey Krasilovsky:Math and Writing Skills 85%
  • Nikita Mikhaylin: Verbal 93%, Math 99%, Writing Skills 85%
  • Anna Vahrameev: Verbal 85%, Math 91%, Writing Skills 89%
  • Oleg Merzlikin: Verbal 97%, Math 95%, Writing 93%
  • Irina Zimin: Verbal 88%, Writing Skills 96%

In February the 6th and 8th graders participated in various math contests. The 8th grade participated in Mathcounts and scored well, with Luba Kassianik finishing in the top 25.The 6th and 8th graders also participated in the Math League contests and scored exceptionally high. Luba Kassianik won a Certificate of Merit as highest score in grade 8 with honorable mentions to Danila Possokhov, Dima Medvedko and Ian Tomitch (scoring above average). In the 6th grade Oleg Melamed and Oleg Sapunkov tied for highest score, with Nikita Zdnanov following closely behind with an honorable mention. Congratulations to all of our students for their excellent work!

Alumni Achievements

Congratulations to Ksenia Kurtow! Ksenia was the first person to graduate from St. John’s and the first person to receive her degree. Ksenia graduated from California State University - Monterey Bay, with a B.A. in Liberal Studies. Many years to Ksenia!
Achievements of graduates include but are not limited to the following:

  • Y. Melamed (2002) graduated with honors and the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence is attending California State University, San Francisco.
  • A. Kotar (2002) graduated with honors and the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence was accepted with distinction to the University of San Francisco. She will participate in the Visiting Student program at Oxford University.
  • S. Bours (2001) graduated with honors and the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence is attending university in the Czech Republic. Her diploma and transcripts were accepted in lieu of the International Baccalaureate.
  • N. Kotar (2001) graduated with honors and the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence graduated from the University of California, Berkeley as a U.C. Regents Scholar and National Merit Scholar.